Thursday, 6 July 2017

Increase Brand Awareness

There are so many brands around the world and each one of them are vying for the business and public’s attention. As such, it’s not very easy to hear your own voice, especially if you are a new brand that is trying to compete with the large established businesses. 

Today we look at top tips to increase your brand awareness online.

Build the identity of your brand 
Think of your favourite brand and what makes it recognisable to you?  Perhaps, the colour, the logo, slogan or maybe the combinations of these three.  To be easily recognisable is the main goal of all brands. So, how do you increase your brand awareness online?  Well, just start with a fun stuff. 

Tap into the audience emotions
Just like Nike and other brands are using emotions to look appealing to their audience, when you put high-quality, thought-leading and educational contents  out and gain more loyal followers, you will be able to increase the awareness of your brand online. The reputation of your brand matters. If you’re an ethical corporate, let everyone know. This is a huge deal in terms of increasing awareness of your brand. 

Know your audience
Before running any ad campaigns or PR make sure that you fully understand who your target audience is; age groups, locations, interests, trends etc.  This will ensure that your content is relevant and increases the probability of your message being shared amongst like-minded people. Brand awareness is hugely impacted by your ability to reach a larger audience organically.  Therefore ensuring that your base target audience is accurate, you can reach the wider pool of people.  People buy people!  If their friends like it, the chances are they will too!

Do all these today to increase brand awareness 
Starting to boost the awareness of your brand is great, and especially if you continue to do it every day.  Success of your brand can only be achieved if you strive to do something about it. there are a lot of amazing examples of brands that built-up excellent reputations over time, but how? Apart from the above mentioned, you should have SEO & content and SEO services. This is another key to gain visibility for every branded element – be it an article, infographic, video or your homepage.  


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