Saturday, 8 July 2017

Make Blog Posts Relevant

So you've created your blog and now you're wondering...

How do I make sure that what I'm posting is relevant and a current hot topic in my niche?

The success of your blogs are largely measured by how much traffic you can generate.  This is greatly influenced by your ability to meet the demand of your target audience and whether they enjoy consuming your content enough to want to come back for more!  This means that the quality of your content is they key to your success, therefore emphasising the importance of the relevance of your content.  Is it what people are talking about? Is it a hot topic? Could your content provoke debate? Is your content worth sharing?  These are some of questions you need to ask yourself when creating content and deciding how you're going to promote it.

Thankfully, there's options available to you that lets you gain some insights to all of the above, enabling you to create that amazing post that everyone loves!  

Here's 4 great options available;

1. Google Trends
We all want to know what people are looking for and what are the most searched topics.  Google Trends does just this, allowing you to see what's hot overall, but also refine your search based on your target audience/niche.

2. Buzzfeed
We think that if you're looking some inspiration for your next blog post, Buzzfeed provides a great way of adding some fun to your post with some hilarious memes and topics on offer.  This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but sometimes, your readers enjoy a little joke or anecdote to keep them drawn in to your post.

3. Quora
We've read so many blog posts highlighting the importance of becoming active in forums/conversations online, sharing your opinion whilst making subtle references to content you've created on your blog.  This not only helps you gain some followers of your blog, see what questions people want answered, but also ensures that you have valuable backlinks to your content.  Quora is a site where you can share knowledge and help others better understand their chosen topic.  It's very easy to use and get going, so sign up today and get involved.

4. BuzzSumo
Ever wondered what everyone is sharing online, and what kind of content you could get out there to a wider audience?  Look no further, BuzzSumo is your answer!  Here you can see what the most shared content is and who the key influencers are.  The great thing is that you can search for your chosen topic, or even a website, and see what's working at the minute to help inspire your next amazing blog post. 

There's no time like the present to get creative and understand your audience more.  Good luck.


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